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As I have mentioned several times, I have struggled for months to get it together and start really decorating my apartment! I know what you’re saying, “We get it already! You’re busy, you’re tired, yada-yada-yada.” Not until I took this picture did I realize just how sad my apartment has looked. I mean I knew it but I didn’t really KNOW it. I have this weird thing about me that if my space isn’t decorated it doesn’t inspire me in any way; I don’t want to clean, cook, be creative, nothing. It’s like pulling teeth.

living room before

I am finally starting to make a little bit of progress! Now I have to pace myself because there’s so much I want to do and I’m starting to get anal again…lol. The first miracle of my holiday season is that I finally got a couch that I purchased nearly two years ago upholstered! I bought the couch from a thrift store for $50. It was a piece of a floral 60’s sectional. I asked my upholsterer to build a chaise for it and cover it in this charcoal/grey fabric. For various reasons it took forever to get done, but I’m SO HAPPY with it. Mad props to my mom for letting me keep the couch in her garage for so long!  living room progress

There are a couple of new editions here I will break down for you later but for now I wanted to show you my progress…and of course my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Have a wonderful wonderful holiday. cropped-lovecheria-logo-copy12.pngLots of love to you and yours.




Sometimes when I think about decorating my apartment I get overwhelmed. I am the type of person who wants it all done instantly. I LOVE rapid transformations. Unfortunately when you are on a budget (time and money), decorating a whole apartment can be a process. I find that doing little projects here and there help to curb my craving and brings me just enough creative satisfaction. DSC_0184

When I was a kid I wanted to be an entomologist. I was pretty hard core for almost 7 years. Every toy or book I got for Christmas or birthdays had to do with bugs. Microscopes, magnifying glasses, dissection kits, you name it, I had it and I LOVED IT! While I am still the resident insect rescuer in my family, I must admit I am more squeamish then I used to be, but there is still something nostalgic about insects to me. I know! Super nerd alert over here!

Daily Project BugsAnywho, I thought I would incorporate a little bit of my past love for bugs into my decor. I found this beautiful beetle online, and printed it on card stock. I cut it out and spray painted it gold. Then I tore a page out of an old book, glued the now gold beetle to it, threw it in a frame and viola! Nothing to call home to mom about but it made me happy.

Stay tuned for more Apt. 205 transformations! I am on a roll…lol…kinda!Love Cheria



Santee AlleyThis weekend I went to one of my favorite places in LA, the Santee Alley!  I call it my happy place! While most people enjoy outdoor malls like The Americana or Outlet Malls like Ontario Mills my consumer heart beats wildly at the deals that can be made at the alley. I can’t help it! Frugality runs in my veins! My dad was (probably still is) one of the most frugal people I know. Every Christmas my dad would go to the alley to buy our Christmas presents. It was typically the only place he could shop because he would always wait until the very last-minute! On Christmas mornings my mom would unwrap her presents to find the usual, a knock off Louis Vuitton handbag and a fake Movado watch.  Oh those were the days…LOL!

Anywho, this weekend I was happy to find myself back at the alley with my sister and her friend Cecilia. 365 days a year the Santee Alley is jumpin’ with thousands of people who come to shop for all kinds of things at discount prices. It’s pretty much the only place in LA where you can bargain for a better deal. We walked in one store and a lady yelled out, “It’s 50% off everything in the store…plus 25% on top of that!” LOL!

Alley clothesI bought just a few things. I got a pearl necklace because I was recently watching Sex and the City (the first movie) and I liked the way she wore one strand of pearls in a lot of the scenes.  I found these pearls for just 99 cents! YAYAYAYA! Then I found these super cute high-waisted harem pants and I just had to have them! They didn’t have dressing rooms so I just hoped for the best and bought them. I tried them on as soon as I got home and they fit perfectly and are so comfortable! Did I mention that they were only $7.99?!? AMAZING! I also purchased the two scarves that you see in the pictures. I am such a sucker for scarves. The middle one is blue with beige reindeer, perfect for the winter months. The other is tan with a punch of neon yellow and beautiful butterflies all over it. I got both of these for $10.

I could go absolutely crazy at the alley but I definitely showed restraint this time around. This was mostly because 1) it was so dang hot that one of the store owners was giving out free Otter-pops! You know I didn’t turn that down! and 2) all I could think about was getting an alley dog! Now if you don’t know what an alley dog is, then you are MISSING OUT! They are bacon wrapped hotdogs with all of the fixings including grilled onions jalapeños and pico de gallo with chunks of avocado in it! They are so delicious!

Alley DogAfter shopping for a while, we found a hotdog stand that looked like it was the real deal, I bought a hotdog and I scarfed it down before my sister even took her first bite. It was just what I had been waiting for! Then we went into a store and all of a sudden I shouted “Crap! I did it again!” My sister looked at me like I was crazy. I explained to her that I always want to share the amazing food that I eat on my blog, but once it’s in front of me I get so excited and devour it before I have the chance to take any pictures (I’ve been blogging for three months now and I haven’t managed to take any food pics…I really gotta slow down)!

But have no fear! I was not going to deprive my blog readers this time! I went outside and found another stand called Oviedo’s Dogs on Santee and Olympic. I bought another hot dog, managed to take a few pictures before I took my first bite and OMG this was the most amazing alley dog I’d ever had! It was so flavorful and had the perfect amount of kick. I told Eunice, the gal who was running the stand, that I was going to blog about them and she was so excited. She told me that they had been there for 15 years! When I asked her if I could take some pictures she said, “Yeah! Take a picture of my ‘A’!” LOL! She was super sweet.  Look at how delicious this hot dog looks! I could eat another one RIGHT NOW!  So don’t forget to check out Oviedo’s Dogs if you are ever down there shopping. You wont be disappointed!

If you live in the city and you’ve never been, the Santee Alley is a must see LA cultural center and hot spot.  And if you’re nervous to go alone, hit me up and I’ll come join you! After all, it is my happy place!

AlleyOh, one last thing, here are a few other gems from my trip to the alley 1) tackiest shoe shop you’ve ever seen 2) me eating my free Otter-pop 3) a lingerie shop called “Contagious Lingerie”…nuff said…or in the words of my sister “They might want to rethink that one”…LOL! THANKS FOR READING!!! XOXOX!

Love Cheria

Decor DIY


David and I moved into our current apartment in May, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t done ANY decorating yet! By the way, David is my long-time manfriend, but I can fill you in on us later! By just reading my first 10 blog posts, you wouldn’t know how much I love décor, but get ready! It’s time to start some DIY projects and get my apartment all gussied up. I’m so excited!

Decorating a new apartment can be overwhelming and my MO is usually to draw up a game plan, strategize and then race to get it done in record time (this usually involves cutting corners…lol).  This time I really want to take my time and share the journey with you! I could also use your advice! Here are two simple DIY projects that I squeezed in over the weekend.  Check out the details below!

Chair and Night Stand

The Chair

So often we have a great little piece of furniture lying around our house that just needs some TLC.  I gave this chair a makeover over a year and a half ago. I wish I had pictures to show you what it used to look like! It was a dark, beat up wood with a terrible woven, southwestern style fabric (that might sound kind of cool to you, but believe me, it wasn’t). So I just scuffed it up with some sandpaper and painted it with this pretty turquoise color I got from Home Depot. I used a sample size of interior pain. They are really reasonably priced and the color selection is obviously amazing. At the time I had a lot on my plate and I was getting ready to move, so my mom offered to cover it for me with a simple white fabric.  This was perfectly fine until, in my last move the chair was somehow used as a stepping stool and as a result, had a big dirty foot print on it. I probably could have just sprayed it with some fabric cleaner to remove it but I thought, “why not just cover it again?”

The other day I was at Acts Thrift Store and I found this cute fitted sheet…yes I just said cute fitted sheet…lol…so I swooped it up for this simple little project. So here you have the simple steps for changing a chair cushion.

What you will need: A chair of course, fabric (large enough to cover the seat, plus about 4 inches of overlap on the back side), a screwdriver (in this case I needed a flat-head but you may need a Phillips head), and a staple gun (with staples of course). If you have a drill that would work best for the last step of this project but it is totally doable with just a screwdriver.

  • Flip your chair upside down and take a look at how everything is arranged. Usually you will find four screws holding the cushion to the frame of the chair. When you flip my chair upside down you see what a shoddy paint job I did…LOL! But no one would ever know when it’s right side up! Now remove the screws and be sure to put them someplace where they aren’t going to get lost. Screws have a tricky way of rolling off without permission.
  • Remove the cushion and place it upside down on your fabric. Cut the fabric to be long enough to wrap all the way around the cushion to the backside of the seat. Notice how wrinkled my fabric is…ugh! I’m always cutting corners! I’m gonna have to iron it when I’m done…lol!
  • Pull the fabric taut and staple the fabric to the bottom of the seat all the way around. The truth is you can do this as messy or as nice as you want. I did this a little nicer to make up for my tacky wrinkled fabric!
  • Flip the cushion over and you are almost done! Place the cushion back on your chair. Grab your screwdriver and screw in the four screws. This can sometimes be a little tricky to find the same holes. Also keep in mind you are going to have to punch through the fabric, which really isn’t hard but it can be a little bit of a pain if you are just using a screw driver. A drill makes this part much easier, but it’s doable if you don’t have one. And there you have it! It’s super simple.

DIY Chair Make-over

The Pillow

So for a few months now Forever 21 has been carrying these adorable little monogrammed canvas totes. I’m a sucker for totes.  But this time I bought a few with the intention of turning them into pillows. I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

What you will need: In this case you would need a canvas bag, a pillow (or batting/stuffing), scissors, pins, and a sewing machine with thread (you could also hand stitch these, it will just take longer).

  • Find a pillow that fits properly in the tote. I thought about doing a square pillow but I already had this little rectangular one, so I went with it!
  • Flip the bag inside out and stuff the pillow inside.
  • Determine what area of the canvas bag you want to cover the pillow and how much of the fabric needs to be removed (e.g., I wanted the “C” to be centered so I placed the pillow accordingly).
  • Pin just below the pillow vertically straight across where you want the end of the pillow case to be.
  • Remove the pillow and sew your first straight line across (you can then cut the access fabric off. I chose to leave mine there because it didn’t make a difference but certain fabrics or colors will be less forgiving).
  • Flip the bag outside-in and stuff the pillow inside.
  • Cut the bag handles off of the bag and flip the remaining fabric inward.
  • Pin the edges of the flipped fabric together to fit perfectly around the pillow.
  • Sew very carefully and precisely along the edge of the pillow case.
  • Cut any stray threads and voilà! There you have it!

DIY Monogrammed PillowIt felt so good to do something creative with my hands this weekend. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.  Right now the chair and pillow are in my room next to my nightstand. I am certain that this wont be permanent. I have no idea how I actually want to decorate my room yet but I just had to do a little something. I hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for more of my decorating adventures! XO!

Love Cheria