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So I am really into this idea of blogging about super simple projects that I do. I think last time I called it a mini project. But today I’m trying something new for you Harry Potter fans out there! I decided to call this segment The Daily Project…you know like The Daily Prophet (I know, if you are a Potter fan then that required no explanation and you might even be offended that I spelled it out for you…LOL!). Well let me know what you think! Do you approve?  Anywho, this week The Daily Project brings you; how to frame a t-shirt. Enjoy!


1. Find a cute graphic tee

I got this one on sale at Forever 21 for $1.50!


2. Grab a frame

I got this one at Acts Thrift Store for under $2.00 I think…I can’t remember, it’s been a while.


3. Find a piece of cardboard to trace the frame

First I traced the inside of the frame, then took a ruler and added a quarter of an inch boarder around the original trace so I could place the cardboard in the frame properly.


3. Get to cutting!

An exacto knife would have made this so much easier, but my little hands suffered through it with scissors.


4.  Lay the t-shirt on top of the cardboard

Origionally I stuck the cardboard inside the shirt but the I discovered something magical…



5. Flip it upside down

I realized that I could probably save the whole shirt, in case I ever want to wear it! I mean the likelihood of that happening is slim, but you never know! I mean what if you did this with your favorite t-shirt? Wouldn’t you want that option?


6. Place the shirt/cardboard in the frame

This might feel a little tricky at first, but don’t worry, it will all work out.


7. Pull the edges of the shirt taut

Make sure to peak at the other side when doing this, to make sure that the shirt is smoothed out. When it looks right, grab some packing tape and tape down the residual shirt (super ghetto style but it worked for me!).


DSC_0107 2

7.  Hang that puppy up

For now I just hung it up in my closet, but I plan to put it on some shelves that I am going to hang in my bedroom soon. This pic of my closet is kinda sad…lol! I think it’s time to show it some TLC.

Love Cheria




So I got SUPER excited when I found this piano bench at a Acts Thrift Store a couple weeks ago.  It was $14.99, which I thought was a bit steep but I went for it anyway (you know how cheap I am when it comes to thrifting). I mean how often can you buy a piano bench without having to buy the dang piano it comes with?

Piano Bench Jewelry BoxRight away I knew exactly what I was going to do with it! Why hadn’t I thought of it before? A piano bench jewelry box! How amazing is that? Now I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t she just do a jewelry display last week?” Well I did, but here’s why I’m doing another.  Have you ever gone out and found what you thought was the cutest most perfect jewelry display ever? You took it home put all of your jewelry on it and thought “man this just doesn’t look as good as I thought it would.” Usually it’s because no matter how cute the display is, you can’t just throw all of your jewelry on it! It will look like a hot mess with all of the different styles and colors and textures.  Having a few displays helps to beautifuly feature your jewelry plus it gives each piece a home. So check out how I spruced this little guy up and then go find yourself a piano bench!

What you will need:

  • piano bench
  • screw driver
  • sand paper (and a cloth for wiping off debris)
  • spray primer (and spray paint for top coat if you want a different color from primer)
  • spray paint (accent color)
  • painters tape

Piano Bench Jewelry Box Piano Bench Jewelry Box

Day 1

  • With a screw driver, remove all of the hardware and put it in a safe place. When all of the hardware is removed you will have two pieces, the door and the bench frame.
  • Prep both pieces by sanding the wood so that the surface is smooth and even. Then wipe it down so that there is no residual dust or debris.
  • Spray paint the bench frame (including the inside) and one side of the door with a white primer. I started out using Krylon’s all surface primer but I’ve gotta say it was not spraying on as dense as I wanted it to. It could have been user error, but I used the whole can and it just seemed to mist all over the place. So I finished up with Rustoleum, the same can I used on my last jewelry display, which is actually intended for metal, but oh well it worked! Judge me all you want! I don’t care! LOL!
  • Let it dry over night

Piano Bench Jewelry Box Piano Bench Jewelry Box

Day 2

*I came home on my lunch break and did this next part so it would be dry by the time I got back home around 4pm

  • Touch up spots that need more coverage with spray paint.
  • Flip over the door and spray the other side (be sure to touch up the edges).

Day 2 ½

  • Make sure that everything is dry to the touch.
  • Use painters tape to tape the edges of the top of the frame, or whatever you want to stay white and cover the entire bench to avoid contact with back spray (I used a sheet for this, the same one I always use).
  • Paint your pop of color (in my case, Krylon’s Citrus Green) in the tray of the frame.
  • Let it dry for about 7 minutes and then peal off the tape.
  • Let it dry.

Piano Bench Jewelry Box Piano Bench Jewelry Box

Day 3

*Okay so I didn’t actually do this on day 3…eek… I did it late night on day 2, but do as I say, not as I do!

  • I used a little bit of Rub-N-Buff to shine up the hardware.
  • Grabbed my screw driver and the hardware and put everything back together.
  • I added the little round mirror but it isn’t permanent. I might put a slightly longer mirror in there soon.  I just wanted to add that simple touch of  reflecting the jewelry.
  • DONE!

Piano Bench Jewelry BoxI’m SUPER happy with this piece! What do you think? Is this a project you would do? Or do you have any other ideas for cool stuff you could store in a piano bench? Oh I don’t know…Make it into a cigar box? An audio cassette tape collection box? LOL! You could remove the top entirely and make an indoor raised bed succulents garden (Oh snap! I really like this idea…I might have to go find another bench!). What would you do?

p.s. Big thank you  Tatertots and Jello for hosting another awesome Link Party Palooza!
Love Cheria



David isn’t a thrift store junkie like me, so I was surprised when he suggested we go this past weekend! Turns out, he was looking for some cheap canvases to paint over (he’s more then a novice artist these days…he’s getting insanely good!). I wasn’t planning to shop for myself, but I found a couple of things I just had to get. Plus we got there just in time for the early bird special; 30% off our entire purchase!!!

While looking through the brick-a-brac section, I found this game I used to play when I was a kid. I remember it being called Mancala but the instructions that were taped to the back called it Kalah. According to the instructions, Kalah is one of the oldest known mathematical games. Supposedly there’s historical evidence that confirms that it has been played throughout the east for over seven thousand years (not sure if any of this is actually true…Wikipedia has a different story…who to trust?)! Naturally I took this mathematical game, rich with the history of ancient civilizations and decided to make a jewelry display of it!…LOL!

Jewelry Display

For $1.99!?! How could I pass it up? Plus I got the 30% off, so I only paid $1.40 for it! I “prepped” the piece (I use this term very loosely) by wiping it down with a dry towel to make sure it was clean and free from debris (I probably should have sanded it down a little, but I decided to skip that..eek).

Mankalah Jewelry Mankalah Jewelry

I knew instantly that I wanted to paint it white. I just love the way color pops on white (like beautiful food on plain white dishes…my absolute FAVORITE). But I also really liked the stain of the wood, so I decided to give it the dipped look, which is all the rage right now.

Jewelry - Mancala Tape - Jewelry

First I started by taping around the bottom of the base with painters tape. For once I took my time to insure that the line was perfectly straight all the way around. Then I ran my fingers over the tape to make sure there wasn’t any trapped air and that the edges were all adhered to the wood.


Next, I spray painted the wood, keeping about 6-8 inches between the can and the wood, and making sure to spray nice and even. Whenever you spray paint you have to be careful not to blast it too hard. If you do, the paint will be uneven and get drip spots. I am embarrassed to say that I used some left over Rustoleum, which really wasn’t intended for wood surfaces, but it got the job done. If I had Krylon I would have used that.

Tape -Jewelry photo-19

The trick to peeling the tape is not to wait until the paint is fully dry. I find that peeling the tape about 5-7 minutes right after I paint helps to avoid snags, plus if I have a little boo boo it is usually easier to deal with when the paint is fresh.

White - Jewelry jewelry

Before adding the jewelry, I let it fully dry for 24 hours (Who am I kidding? It was more like 16 hours…good enough for me!…lol!).

Super easy right? What do you think? Well thanks so much for reading! Oh and a big thank you to Tatertots and Jello for giving me the opportunity to link up for Link Party Palooza! You’ve got to check out her blog! XOXO!Love Cheria

Decor DIY


David and I moved into our current apartment in May, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t done ANY decorating yet! By the way, David is my long-time manfriend, but I can fill you in on us later! By just reading my first 10 blog posts, you wouldn’t know how much I love décor, but get ready! It’s time to start some DIY projects and get my apartment all gussied up. I’m so excited!

Decorating a new apartment can be overwhelming and my MO is usually to draw up a game plan, strategize and then race to get it done in record time (this usually involves cutting corners…lol).  This time I really want to take my time and share the journey with you! I could also use your advice! Here are two simple DIY projects that I squeezed in over the weekend.  Check out the details below!

Chair and Night Stand

The Chair

So often we have a great little piece of furniture lying around our house that just needs some TLC.  I gave this chair a makeover over a year and a half ago. I wish I had pictures to show you what it used to look like! It was a dark, beat up wood with a terrible woven, southwestern style fabric (that might sound kind of cool to you, but believe me, it wasn’t). So I just scuffed it up with some sandpaper and painted it with this pretty turquoise color I got from Home Depot. I used a sample size of interior pain. They are really reasonably priced and the color selection is obviously amazing. At the time I had a lot on my plate and I was getting ready to move, so my mom offered to cover it for me with a simple white fabric.  This was perfectly fine until, in my last move the chair was somehow used as a stepping stool and as a result, had a big dirty foot print on it. I probably could have just sprayed it with some fabric cleaner to remove it but I thought, “why not just cover it again?”

The other day I was at Acts Thrift Store and I found this cute fitted sheet…yes I just said cute fitted sheet…lol…so I swooped it up for this simple little project. So here you have the simple steps for changing a chair cushion.

What you will need: A chair of course, fabric (large enough to cover the seat, plus about 4 inches of overlap on the back side), a screwdriver (in this case I needed a flat-head but you may need a Phillips head), and a staple gun (with staples of course). If you have a drill that would work best for the last step of this project but it is totally doable with just a screwdriver.

  • Flip your chair upside down and take a look at how everything is arranged. Usually you will find four screws holding the cushion to the frame of the chair. When you flip my chair upside down you see what a shoddy paint job I did…LOL! But no one would ever know when it’s right side up! Now remove the screws and be sure to put them someplace where they aren’t going to get lost. Screws have a tricky way of rolling off without permission.
  • Remove the cushion and place it upside down on your fabric. Cut the fabric to be long enough to wrap all the way around the cushion to the backside of the seat. Notice how wrinkled my fabric is…ugh! I’m always cutting corners! I’m gonna have to iron it when I’m done…lol!
  • Pull the fabric taut and staple the fabric to the bottom of the seat all the way around. The truth is you can do this as messy or as nice as you want. I did this a little nicer to make up for my tacky wrinkled fabric!
  • Flip the cushion over and you are almost done! Place the cushion back on your chair. Grab your screwdriver and screw in the four screws. This can sometimes be a little tricky to find the same holes. Also keep in mind you are going to have to punch through the fabric, which really isn’t hard but it can be a little bit of a pain if you are just using a screw driver. A drill makes this part much easier, but it’s doable if you don’t have one. And there you have it! It’s super simple.

DIY Chair Make-over

The Pillow

So for a few months now Forever 21 has been carrying these adorable little monogrammed canvas totes. I’m a sucker for totes.  But this time I bought a few with the intention of turning them into pillows. I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

What you will need: In this case you would need a canvas bag, a pillow (or batting/stuffing), scissors, pins, and a sewing machine with thread (you could also hand stitch these, it will just take longer).

  • Find a pillow that fits properly in the tote. I thought about doing a square pillow but I already had this little rectangular one, so I went with it!
  • Flip the bag inside out and stuff the pillow inside.
  • Determine what area of the canvas bag you want to cover the pillow and how much of the fabric needs to be removed (e.g., I wanted the “C” to be centered so I placed the pillow accordingly).
  • Pin just below the pillow vertically straight across where you want the end of the pillow case to be.
  • Remove the pillow and sew your first straight line across (you can then cut the access fabric off. I chose to leave mine there because it didn’t make a difference but certain fabrics or colors will be less forgiving).
  • Flip the bag outside-in and stuff the pillow inside.
  • Cut the bag handles off of the bag and flip the remaining fabric inward.
  • Pin the edges of the flipped fabric together to fit perfectly around the pillow.
  • Sew very carefully and precisely along the edge of the pillow case.
  • Cut any stray threads and voilà! There you have it!

DIY Monogrammed PillowIt felt so good to do something creative with my hands this weekend. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.  Right now the chair and pillow are in my room next to my nightstand. I am certain that this wont be permanent. I have no idea how I actually want to decorate my room yet but I just had to do a little something. I hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for more of my decorating adventures! XO!

Love Cheria