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Over the last few years I have become somewhat obsessed with plus size fashion. To me there is nothing more beautiful than to see a woman, no matter what her size, rock her style with Confidence with a capital ‘C’.  I have been hesitant to talk about my love for full figured women and plus size fashion because I know what people might say. What gives me the right to talk about plus size fashion? I am a small girl, I always have been and I probably always will be on the smaller side, it’s in my genes. I wont pretend that I understand the struggle of being plus sized and living in a country that is obsessed with thinness, but I can take a stand, and do my part to empower women of all shapes and sizes to strive to be the best version of themselves for themselves.

Needless to say, I’ve saved the best for last for my Summer Swimwear Series. This season the fashion world seems to be finally responding to women all over the US who are embracing their bodies and are ready to show them off! Plus size swimwear is not a dirty word! It’s a flirty word! Put that t-shirt cover-up away and slip into something daring this summer!


 Forever 21

Thank goodness Forever 21 has started investing in their plus size section over the last couple of years. I am loving their plus size swimwear line this season! They are finally stepping outside the box and going bold.

love cheria forever 21 plus size

1. Global Girl Ikat Swimsuit  2. Bombshell Bikini 3. Goddess Cutout Swimsuit


Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits for all is where it’s at! Not only is there is a HUGE selection of plus size swimwear, it really is swimsuits for all! I’m a huge fan of this company and their “Sexy at Every Curve” campaign (and not just because my fave, Gabi Fresh is one of the models).  All the suits below are from their Swim Sexy line. You have to check them out, no matter what size you are! There’s something for everyone!

love cheria swimsuits for all plus size swim1. Jardin Bikini 2. Black Fringe Tankini 3. Sunrise Underwire Bikini



Don’t forget to check out Torrid this season! I know these might look boring all together but really look at them individually. #2 is my absolute fave!

love cheria torrid plus size swim

1. Anchor Print Cleavage Enhancer Tankini 2. Beach House Woman Geo Print Bikini 3. Peek-A-Boo Striped Bikini

Thanks so much for sticking it out with me through this swimwear series. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and I hope you have too. Love the skin you are in this summer and be brave! XOXOX!

Love Cheria



“One piece, two piece, string bikini! Who do you think you are I Dream a Jeannie?” I hope you know this reference…lol Because if not, I sound like a crazy person…lol! If you need a hint the key word is Spartans, if you don’t have a clue, please forgive me…lol (lots of nervous lol’s here)!  Okay enough about that! The Summer Swimwear Series continues!  I haven’t been this excited about swimwear in years. This summer you will see tons of digital prints, vintage-inspired cuts and fun flirty one pieces.

One Piece

As you know I am a huge fan of the one piece! You will see many of these babies out and about this summer; embrace it and join the club!one-piece-swimwear-love-cheria 1. Rip Curl Alana’s Closet Bali Dancer One Piece Swimsuit 2. Monochrome halter plunge one piece 3. Caged strapless monokini 4. Mara Hoffman Swim Cosmic Fountain One Piece  

My favorite of this bunch is number four. Mara Hoffman is my hero this season! She is on a roll, and while I can’t afford any of her suits, that doesn’t stop me from drooling over them. Check out her collection here! It’s so amazing!!!

Two Piece

The vintage inspired high-waisted two piece is back again this season. Last year it hit the scene and this year it is going full force. Though I love the suits below, I have to say my personal preference is for high-waisted bottoms that come up past the belly button and hit the highest/narrowest part of the waistline. If you haven’t tried this new cut yet, you have to go try one on and see what you think!

two-piece-love-cheria-swimwear 1. River Island Neon Tennesse Bikini  2. River Island Paint Splashed Bikini 3. River Island Latoya Two Piece 4. Ginja By Baku Sands Of Sardinia Padded Balconette 

I seriously LOVE all of these for different reasons, but if I had to pick one I think I would choose number two. I just love the paint splashed look and the brass zippers, plus the cut is unique for swimwear. As an added bonus, after a day at the pool I would totally wear the top with a high waisted flowy skirt and a cute clutch for a night on the town.

String Bikini

String bikinis are actually on the outs this summer in terms of what’s trending. But for the sake of staying true to my tribute to Saturday Night Live (another hint), here are a couple of string bikini’s for you.  All in all they are pretty timeless so you can’t really go wrong. Have some fun with them! Mix and match your bottoms with different tops and you will be back on trend. string-bikini=swimwear=love-cheria1. Seafolly Corsica Multi Print Bikini  2. Chloe Mono Print Triangle Bikini Set  3. Basic Bikini 4. Chloe Triangle String Bikini Set With Scarf Print

The winner in this group is number three. With a great selection of colors and at a price of $4.80 per piece you can’t go wrong with this Forever 21 basic string bikini.

What is your favorite???? What are you going to try out this summer???? XOXOX!

Love Cheria



Summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait! I am a California girl at heart. I love to soak up the sun, poolside with an adult beverage in hand. Today I am kicking off my “Suit up for Summer Swimwear Series”! I can’t wait to share with you some of the amazing suits that are out there this season. And don’t worry, there will be something for everyone!

Today we are starting with a basic. If you know me, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE one pieces. I mean I don’t wear mine as often as I’d like, because I am always trying to avoid weird tan lines, but once I have my base tan it is on! I have been into one pieces for years and I am so excited that they are finally making a comeback in a real way. There is something so sexy about a one piece! Even though you may be covering up more skin than when wearing a bikini, you leave more to be desired, or at least that’s how I see it! So today we are looking at six different styles of what I’m calling The Little Black One Piece.


1. Although a little pricy at $137, this Lolli Ta Da Black One Piece Swimsuit is DARLING! I might have to invest! Get it here!

2. If you are going for chic this summer, look no further! Chic might cost you $145…eek…but it will be SO worth it! Get it here!

3. If you want to be twinsies with me this summer, swoop up this cheeky Beach Bombshell one piece. I got it from Forever 21 for $23. Get it here!

4. Want to be a little daring this summer? This plunge halter suit will totally do the trick and for just $35 at ASOS! Get it here!

5. This one piece is the three S’s, simple, sophisticated, and sexy and best of all you can get it from Target for $50! Get it here!

6. If you want a flirty one piece this is the way to go! It’s pricy at $156 but it looks like a good time. Get it here!

What do you think? Will you be investing in a little black one piece this summer? Stay tuned for more fun swimwear next week! Love you bunches!

Love Cheria



This weekend I was talking with my friend Josephine and she was asking about fashion icons. I had never really thought about who my fashion icons are. Have you? I spent some time thinking about it, and though there are some celebrities out there with great taste, I prefer to live in the blogger world. I thought I would share with you three of my favorite fashion bloggers and my current fashion icons!


Gabi of Gabifresh

I have been obsessed with Gabifresh for years now…OBSESSED! I just love her so much. She is adorable, has amazing style and her confidence is so refreshing! There is NOTHING more beautiful then a poised confident woman. I would have to say that she is my absolute favorite.  She is such an inspiration for women of all shapes and sizes. Get it Gabi!


Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy is another blogger who I have been stalking for years. I first found Wendy when I saw her youtube video called 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf. It’s AMAZING! She is so stylish. I mean I can’t afford most of the things she wears, but I just love her.

Wendys-lookbook-love-cheria Wendys-lookbook-love-cheria Wendys-lookbook-love-cheria Wendys-lookbook-love-cheriaWendys-lookbook-love-cheria

 Blake of Blake Von D

I just recently stumbled upon Blake’s fashion blog, but I think she’s awesome. When I look at her I am reminded of how fearless I used to be when it comes to fashion. In my old age I feel like I’ve gotten more reserved, but lately Blake has been reminding me to take more fashion risks.

Blake-von-d-love-cheriaBlake-von-d-love-cheriaBlake-von-d-love-cheriaBlake-von-d-love-cheriaWHO ARE YOUR FASHION ICONS?????