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The dream team is back together to share a couple spring makeup trends to keep an eye out for! I of course, know nothing about makeup, so the lovely Sara of Makeup by Sara Eleen has come to the rescue for a consult!


1.  The Spring of Dewy Skin

I’m in luck this season because dewy skin is all I do in life (mostly because I’m lazy)! “What is dewy skin exactly?” you ask? Well the dewy look is a pretty light to medium coverage that gives that light-reflecting look. Honestly lately I have been getting so many compliments on my skin and believe me, it’s not because my skin is amazing at all.  I think it’s because I trick people with this dewy look. Less coverage and a good moisturizer can go a long way to give your skin that healthy radiant look.Love-Cheria-Christina-Chico-photography-Sara-Eleen-Mua-Spring-makeup

2. The Spring of BOLD Eyes

This spring, bold colors are all the rage, particularly emerald green, cobalt blue, and gold, as seen a couple of weeks ago on my day to night post. When Sara first told me about this emerald green craze neither one of us was sure how we felt about it, but after we saw Christina’s photos we became believers. Now I can’t say that I would wear this look daily, but I gotta say, it’s pretty fun.Love-Cheria-Christina-Chico-photography-Sara-Eleen-Mua-Spring-makeup

3. The Spring of Orange Lipstick

I am wearing more of a coral here with a hint of orange (she used an orange lip liner) but as far as the trend goes we are talkin’ punch you in the face orange (not sure what that means but I’m rollin’ with it).Love-Cheria-Christina-Chico-photography-Sara-Eleen-Mua-Spring-makeup

To get this exact look, here is what Sara used! Foundation: MAC Hyper Real Foundation (discontinued)  Contour: Glo Mineral’s Glo Pressed Base, Highlight: Sonia Kashuk’s Liquid Bronze Highlight, Eyeshadow Base: MAC Paint Pot (Painterly),  Inner Corner: NYX Ultra Pearl Loose Pigment (Lime),  Inner Lid: MAC pigment (Golders Green – discontinued), Outer Lid: MAC Eyeshadow (Parfait Amour), Outer Corner and Under Eye: MAC Beauty Marked, Blush: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Stereo Rose), Eyebrows: Sebastian Trucco (Brown), Lips: NYX Lip Liner (Orange), NYX Lipstick (Femme & Indian Pink), Lashes: Ardel’s Natural Lashes.Love-Cheria-Christina-Chico-photography-Sara-Eleen-Mua-Spring-makeup

Also, not that anyone cares what I’m wearing here, but I love these black satin wide-legged pants from Forever 21 with my all time favorite 1983 Michael Jackson t-shirt that I found in a thrift store in Germany with my friend Margeaux (who just got engaged this weekend! YAYAYA!). It was a little kid’s pajama set and it came with shorts that had the exact image on each leg. I mean come on what more can you ask for? One pajama set, three identical pictures of Michael, priceless!

Again, special thanks to Christina for capturing Sara’s amazing work!  Be sure to check out both of her websites and Sweet Kisses Boudoir and give her a shout for any photography needs! And thank you to Sara for keeping me in the know on what’s happening this spring! As always, if you’re looking to get your makeup done for any type of event, Sara is your girl. Like Makeup By Sara Eleen on Facebook! If you’d like an in-person tutorial and want to try out some cool new products, Sara will be in Pasadena this week hosting a super cool event for Motives Cosmetics so message her on Facebook!

Love you all! Thanks so much for reading!!! XOXOXOX!



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I am super excited for you to meet my friends Sara of Makeup by Sara Eleen  and Christina of Christina Chico Photography! We teamed up to bring you today’s post!

Makeup by Sara Eleen Love CheriaSara and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. She is one of the most creative people I know. The first time I ever painted on a canvas was on her front porch. I had no idea what I was doing, but she encouraged me to go for it and I have been trying to be fearlessly creative ever since. She has great eclectic style, a knack for finding cool things (if it’s cool or unique she’ll find it) and she just so happens to be my skin care guru. Unlike most make-up artists, Sara is also an esthetician. So not only can she make you look beautiful, she can help you stay beautiful.

Christina Chico Photography Love CheriaI met Christina last year when she shot David and I in a mock engagement photo shoot (yeah so many of you thought we were actually engaged….GOTCHA!) Right away I knew that she was special. She is one of those people who can get along with anyone. She has a GREAT eye, is super creative, and if you meet her, she will make you feel like a million bucks! Now that’s my kind of photographer!…lol!

We teamed up and decided that we wanted to show you a typical day look to night look. Sorry gentleman…this time it’s all about the ladies.  We went through clothes that I already had in my closet to show how simple it can be. Nine times out of ten you have a new outfit just waiting to be born! That’s why my bed faces my closet, so I can dream up ideas…lol

The base of today’s look is a black strapless jumpsuit that I got from H&M years ago. At one point in time all the people in my life referred to it as my uniform, that’s how much I wore it. From there all you need is a few more basics to pull a look together. Here is what we picked out (well not exactly, but you get the picture).

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.22.43 AM

The Day Look

Love Cheria Day Look

For the day look we’ve paired the jumpsuit with a boyfriend denim button up from Forever 21, my favorite leopard scarf from Zara, some Dolce Vida black booties and my oversized tote. This look is SUPER simple and functional. Just add a couple simple accessories and you are good to go.

Love Cheria Shoot 3_-_christinachicophoto_s_Photos 2

The Makeup

Love Cheria Day Look

Clothes is fun for me, but makeup is not my strong point. I mean I usually only wear three things on my face (BB cream, skin finish, and mascara). So I told Sara that I needed it to be easy, and she did just that and gave me a simple day look that we could build off of….well simple by a makeup artists’ standards…lol!

For the day look we have: Foundation: Glo Minerals Foundation, Contour: Glo Mineral’s Glo Pressed Base, Highlight: Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (Naked You), Eyeshadow: NYX Roll on Shimmer (Tan),  e.l.f Little Black Beauty Book  Palette, Blush: NYX Blush (Rose Garden), Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (Brown), Lips: NYX Lip Liner (Peekaboo), NYX Butter Gloss (Tiramisu), Lashes: Ardel’s Natural Lashes. I know this looks like a lot but it really isn’t, it took her maybe 15 minutes to apply it.


The Night Look

Love Cheria Night Look

For the night look we paired the jumpsuit with a edgy faux leather jacket from Forever 21 with a pair of satin pumps that I got from H&M probably around the same time I got my uniform (lol), and a gorgeous chunky necklace from Zara (borrowed it from Christina, I told you she has good taste).

Love Cheria Night Look

The Makeup

Love Cheria Night Look

For the evening make-up Sara really did keep it simple! She added NYX’s Crystal Liner in gold to the eyelid and punched up the lips with Sugar Plum Fairy by Wet and Wild! Can you believe it? When was the last time you used Wet and Wild?? Love Cheria Shoot 2-4_-_christinachicophoto_s_Photos 9

We had so much fun putting this post together for you guys. I mean it was especially fun for me to have girl time and to play dress-up!  Special thanks to Christina for taking such amazing photos.  You must check out her website! She is fantastic! And ladies if you want to do a special shoot for a special someone she takes BEAUTIFUL boudoir photos with her other business, Sweet Kisses Boudoir. Another huge thank you to Sara for gussying me up! If you are looking to get your makeup done for any type of event, Sara is your girl. Or if you need a facial or want a skin care consultation I would HIGHLY recommend her! I used to have pretty bad acne from middle school all the way through college and Sara stood by my side until it was gone. Like Makeup By Sara Eleen on Facebook and keep an eye out for her new website!  As always thank YOU for reading, sharing and leaving all of your wonderful comments. You guys light up my life!


Love Cheria

Fashion Life


I feel like I just found an $100 bill in my jacket pocket!  For almost two years I have been debating getting this $169 leather tote by Madewell.  Wait, let me back up. I fear I may be setting your expectations too high. My story is not that exciting, I repeat, my story is NOT that exciting. It’s not like I magically came into possession of this bag or anything (I wish). Tote-Madewell

In May I was in Napa for my bff’s wedding. The morning of the wedding I ran into this store that was across the street from our hotel because I needed a belt. I don’t even know how to describe the store. It was kind of like a weird department store, almost like a combination between a Khols and a uniform surplus store. I feel like I was seeing juniors trendy clothing next to scrubs (this could be entirely inaccurate but that’s how I remember it). Anyway,  I stumbled upon this tote that reminded me of the Madewell bag. I bought it because it was only $25. Plus the lining is a beautiful coral color and has a cute little mid-sized pouch to match.


Last night I was perusing the worldwide web and I saw my bag on Lulu’s! The best part (worst part for you if you want to buy it) is that it was $59, more than double what I paid for it! Not only did I discover that I got a great deal on it, I also learned that the tote is reversible! Can you believe it?! Well I couldn’t! I have to be honest, I will be surprised if I ever rock the coral side, but I just love that I have the option! Anywho, I know this is a silly post, but I just had to share because I’m pumped about it! Happy Monday everyone! XO!

Love Cheria



Polka dot dressSo today’s blog is a first for me. Drum roll please……’s my first video ever!!!!! Okay so it’s not that exciting but I thought I’d give it a try. Every fall I get inspired to go through my closet and look for clothing items that I’m not ready to get rid of, but that I’m under utilizing. One piece that I had some fun with was a simple polka dot dress that I got from TJ Maxx  for $16.  The video shows 7 ways to wear a polka dot dress. Honestly I probably could have come up with a bunch more (also I really wanted to pair the dress with tights but I kept finding holes in mine…lol…so tacky). Like I said, it’s my first video. So give me a break…and enjoy!


Oh and I am loving HAIM’s  debut album! I hope I don’t get in trouble for using their single The Wireeek!

Okay now check it out!