Sometimes when I think about decorating my apartment I get overwhelmed. I am the type of person who wants it all done instantly. I LOVE rapid transformations. Unfortunately when you are on a budget (time and money), decorating a whole apartment can be a process. I find that doing little projects here and there help to curb my craving and brings me just enough creative satisfaction. DSC_0184

When I was a kid I wanted to be an entomologist. I was pretty hard core for almost 7 years. Every toy or book I got for Christmas or birthdays had to do with bugs. Microscopes, magnifying glasses, dissection kits, you name it, I had it and I LOVED IT! While I am still the resident insect rescuer in my family, I must admit I am more squeamish then I used to be, but there is still something nostalgic about insects to me. I know! Super nerd alert over here!

Daily Project BugsAnywho, I thought I would incorporate a little bit of my past love for bugs into my decor. I found this beautiful beetle online, and printed it on card stock. I cut it out and spray painted it gold. Then I tore a page out of an old book, glued the now gold beetle to it, threw it in a frame and viola! Nothing to call home to mom about but it made me happy.

Stay tuned for more Apt. 205 transformations! I am on a roll…lol…kinda!Love Cheria

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